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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Mishmash, part 2

Peppa and George on the card for Pillow Thomas

17 -- took Zach to Burlington City Park and ALDI; Zach decided it was Pillow Thomas' seventh birthday so he was making a card to give him; mowed yard for the first time (got up leaves with bagger)

Lovely day for the park!

Love this boy!

18 -- met next-door neighbor Mary (she didn't know we had moved in nearly six months prior); to children's museum; read on deck

He named the chick, Bocky, because chicks go "bock, bock."

"The human brain..."

19 -- Mama's birthday; went to Southpoint Mall in Durham

Zach loves these sinks

So proud of the red balloon they gave him at Nordstrom

Happy birthday, Grandma!

20 -- lots of schooling with Zach

Zach gave himself a tattoo and decorated his art box

21 -- Steve Austin helped put up new screen door; Sophie visited at parents' house; I read at the park; NC State (an 8 seed) beat number-one seed (in one of the regions) Villanova to advance to Sweet Sixteen (big, big deal to Andrew); he watched the game at Kevin's house

Little Sophie

23 -- watched Sophie some; Peases in town on their way to the beach

Enjoying the sunshine

24 -- to children's museum, Bethany Church park with Zach; my sunglasses broke (!!!)

The kid loves crosses

Puppet show

Bethany Church Park

Statue of Liberty

25 -- push mowed our yard

26 -- Zach and Sophie to the mountains to visit their mom's family; Zach drew a picture for Flying Dove Studios to display at the mall; bought new sunglasses at TJ Maxx (sigh)

27 -- to YoZone, mall, Walmart with Andrew and Michael

28 -- to Oak Island and Southport with my mom; Andrew and his dad hung decorative thing in the kitchen while I was gone

29 -- home from beach trip; visited Peases

30 -- Peases left for home in West Virginia; they gave me a bobble-head sunflower for my yard; six months in our new house; Zach and I spent over four hours at Beth Schmidt Park; Zach and Sophie home from the mountains

Six months since closing

31 -- to the park with Zach, Sophie, and their parents; lovely day!; surprise visit by Randy and Teresa Eddins who wanted to know if we wanted to go get frozen yogurt with them.  They saw our house and then we got froyo at almost 9 PM!

"Look, Daddy, no hands!"

Super-cool Sophie

These things taste pretty good

A great day to play

Attacked by Sophie Bear!

We were holding hands, swinging (thus the bit of blurriness)


jaraad said...

Happy six months anniversary! Lovely house you have.
Little Sophie is so adorable.
Children's sinks are great. They should have like these in all malls :)

Susanne said...

I agree...those sinks are nice! :)

Thanks for your comments! Come visit and see Sophie for yourself sometime. :)