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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day!

I hope none of you got fooled this first day of April like I did. Andrew got me before eight this morning when he was getting ready to leave for work. Granted, I was preoccupied with something when he came to tell me goodbye. He said "3 things" and then told me he was (1) leaving for work, (2) taking his church clothes with him in case he didn't have time to come home prior to the service and (3) he noticed evidence of a mouse in our upper cabinet, but not to worry because he set a trap. My reaction was "UGH!" since I utterly detest mice and the thought made me shudder. What a mean trick! He said "April Fools!" about the time he noticed I was really disgusted at the thought of a creature in my cabinets. (I have chocolate chips in there!!!)

I took Michael to McDonald's today and we had a great time. He told me what he wanted to be when he grows up. It's in the entertainment field, er, ALL OVER that field actually -- movie star, movie producer, Batman, Spiderman, Bible Man, video game creator...stuff like that. He even told me about some of his ideas for video games and how people could earn different levels.

Yesterday I went to his house and I went walking while he biked nearby. I always enjoy those times of talking with him. He made some comment making me realize he knew he could not have superpowers when he grew up (I can't be SuperMichael here, but maybe in heaven.) We discussed what made Batman and those guys heroes and agreed it was protecting the weak and oppressed and doing good. I shared how he could be a superhero by living as Jesus did, by loving and serving others.

I still chuckle when I think that our conversation concerning King Arthur lead him to put Abe Lincoln in the category of those living in "ancient times."

In crazy, shaking-my-head, kind of news I read about an Australian island, Macquarie, that wanted to protect the bird population so they got rid of all the cats. This caused a rabbit population explosion which lead to a loss of vegetation which the birds needed in order to survive. So this "environmental devastation" ended up costing about $16 million to fix. Now it's been decided that rabbits, mice and rats are bad news (tend to agree) so they are going to drop poisonous bait from helicopters to, hopefully, deal with the rodent problem. I wonder if PETA knows about this.

This month
1. Mail taxes to Uncle Sam and Nanny State
2. Pay estimated taxes to those same two demanding relatives
3. Get driver's license renewed
4. Get car inspected


Nocturnal Queen said...

My goodness, why don't those knuckleheads just bring back cats? Idiots.

Sean pranked me pretty good. I had called the kids into the dining room to do something and as I was busy with something, Sean said, "A spider!!!" and pointed in the vicinity of my feet. I freaked and did some sort of dorky dance-type jumping to get away from a spider that wasn't there. I laughed, but could've killed him. lol

By the way, loooove that picture. Beautiful.

Susanne said...

Now, Niki, you make too much sense. Bringing back cats is too logical. :-)

LOL @ Sean's prank! I love how you described your dance....haaaaa! Cute visual.

Thanks, I love that picture, too. I found it on photobucket while looking for an April showers /flowers type of picture. Thought it fit the bill quite well. :-)