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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Damascus -- The Hostel Lounges

I've already showed you how to get to the hostel and the inside of our room (think round and minty green). Here are a few pictures of two common areas. I forgot to take pictures of the kitchen and upstairs deck. Oops. This was the heated lounge where we could watch television, eat breakfast, play cards, chat with friends and fellow hostelers (wow, this is a real word? spell check didn't deem it wrong!) and workers at the hostel.

Ahmad (Jake) came to visit us several times, often after his German class ended. Note the Syrian flag and President in this photo.

Samer & Jake -- our sweet friends

Claudia was one of the hard-working people at the hostel

She kept things running smoothly

Thomas is an American studying Arabic in Damascus. We enjoyed talking with him at the hostel. He started renting a room from a family,

but he would often come visit the hostel in the evenings. You can see the kitchen entrance on the right side and the wall of interesting things behind Thomas.

This lounge was not heated, but we'd often sit out here and chat. Here we are with one of the workers, Abu Muhammad aka Bob. He was our driver when we went to Saydnaya and Krac des Chevaliers and became a good friend although we don't speak each other's language.

Samer & Andrew

Mr. Bunny is the hostel's pet. He is so spoiled!

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
January/February 2009

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