"Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last weekend Michael spent the night with us. It was a pleasant evening so he rode his bike in the neighborhood as Andrew and I walked behind him. We came to the edge of the trees and decided to explore a bit. He walked up a tree that had fallen on another tree. It was like a seesaw and he walked from the part on the ground to the part that was over my head. It was fun to see him enjoying a nature hike.

Michael showing off his two dangling teeth
February 28, 2009

Tuesday Michael and my sister went to visit my parents since Will was out of town. My dad was taking his blood pressure and Michael wanted his taken as well. My dad said Michael was squirming and talking so his blood pressure registered a bit high. The voice on the machine warned that his BP was slightly elevated and maybe he should be checked by a physician if this persisted. Upon hearing this Michael immediately called out with urgency, "Bring me an apple!"

Michael at his birthday party
February 28, 2009

Wednesday I took Mike to our local McDonald's. Most of the time now he draws and talks to me or plays with small toys like Transformers or Power Rangers at our table. (He will play in the play area if there are children around his age.) We got talking about something and I mentioned what a sweet kid he was and then said to please stay that way and not become a crazy teenager who does bad things and decides to not believe in God. Michael was just looking at me with an expression of disbelief so I said "some teenagers decide they don't want to love God anymore." He warmed my heart when he replied with feeling, "But, Susie, why would I do that?" Ah, I pray he keeps that attitude always. He used to share how he told stories to the children of heaven. I pray he stays sensitive to God being in his life always.

I love to hear the kid sing "Jesus Messiah" in the car. Any song really. :-)

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