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Monday, April 27, 2009

Today is Monday

Had a nice Sunday for the most part. Saw the family after church except for Berkie who was working. We had fried chicken strips, salad, pinto beans, rice, biscuits, pecan pie, ice cream. Yum. I asked Will why he doesn't care for Hugo Chavez. Since Will is from Venezuela, I thought he would be a good person to ask. Of course, I don't care for the guy, but I wanted to hear a native's point of view. Michael and Andrew watched Iron Man (cartoon) in the back room. :)

Saturday I just stayed around the house and got a lot accomplished. I love productive days! We had thought about going out of town, but with Andrew's super-busy week coming up, we just stayed home.

The temps have been well-above average the last three days. It hit 90 on Saturday. At least it's not humid yet.

Today Mema is 86! I hope to call her later.

I think I may run a few errands today. Thankfully I got my car inspected so I don't have that still to do before the end of the month. I need to buy a gift for a friend's May 16th wedding and also a book that Andrew wants for his birthday. Additionally, AT wants me to buy a "girl's Bible" for an almost-twelve-year old in his youth group. She has been forced to use her brother's "boy's Bible" so Andrew said for me to get one for her. I'll check out Family Christian Bookstore and see if I can't find her one. Bet I can.

First a walk before it gets too hot.

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