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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothin' could be finer . . .

Yippee! I am happy to report that the North Carolina Tar Heels defeated the Michigan State Spartans in the 2009 national championship game last evening. They are now the college basketball champions! Whoo hoo!

I went to Greenville, SC to visit my grandparents for a few days, but my mom, dad and I watched the game last night and cheered on our team. We live in the county next to UNC and have been fans for a long, long time.

I'm especially thrilled for Tyler Hansbrough (pictured above) since he could have gone pro last year, but decided he wanted to win a national championship. He stayed his final year and the team worked hard. AND WON!

The Tar Heels were favored to win "on paper," but two of the commentators picked Michigan State to win just before the game started. I'm glad those guys were wrong! The game was played in Michigan so there were about 60,000 MSU fans among the crowd of 73,000 people. UNC set a scoring record -- 55 points in the first half!

We had a good time visiting a few relatives in Greenville. Saturday afternoon my uncle Danny and his wife, Evelyn, dropped by. Imogene Daniels was there and we sat around talking about idioms and accents. I especially enjoyed laughing at some of those. It was a short trip. We got there Sunday around noon and left around 2 today. My parents dropped by my sister's house so I could get my car. Michael sold us each an Easter egg for $1 per egg. They are plastic eggs that he decorated and put a piece of candy in. He is trying to raise money to buy a transformer set from Target. He wanted to put a sign in his yard so people would know he is selling eggs. I'm sure I'll buy another at some point.

OK...I think that's all for now. Basically I just wanted to mention the Tar Heels anyway.

Oh, they won by 17. :-)

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