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Friday, April 17, 2009

Damascus -- Four Seasons Hotel

As I mentioned recently, we stopped by the Four Seasons Hotel and got a tour of some of the common areas.

A view from outside

We saw people preparing this restaurant for guests

and I took a picture of this table top because I thought it was pretty.

This was the nicest restroom I saw during the whole trip. Really, it's one of the nicest I've ever seen.

A decoration on our way to the spa.

More decorations

An area to rest near the spa

and the restroom/locker area for the spa & fitness area

more spa stuff

Juice for after working out.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 2009


The Half Breed said...

Mmmm....looks LOVELY!!!

Thanks for the feedback on my blog. I hope you continue to follow me! I will keep tabs on you as well. :)


Louai said...

Loool if this ia common area ,how is the rich area in Damascus..

Go ahead Damascus ,our hearts with you!

Carmen said...

Wow! Loving that table too. Very pretty. I thought it was funny that there was that little reclining chair to rest on.

what a pretty place!

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Have you tried Four Seasons in Sharm el Sheikh? It's beautiful spend a holiday in there too.