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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Damascus -- Fast Food

In case you get hungry while you are out, there are a variety of places to purchase food. Lamb or chicken schwarma sandwiches were sold in many places. Here is one located in the souq.

The cook shaves the meat in thin slices and wraps it in flat bread.

A variety of pies are offered: cheese, olives, spinach, pizza

Here we are choosing pies in a neighborhood where we went walking with Basheer one day. He is the one with his face turned this way. The shorter one.

Here the guys place their orders.

Andrew and Samer located the sweet shop on the last day we were there.

Plenty more available here.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
January/February 2009

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Joni said...

interesting about the way the shwarma is served! That is VERY much like a Greek gyro (yee-roh) because they have a meat 'thing' just like that which they shave pieces off of! I would have liked to try those breads.