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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pop is 83!

Today is Pop's birthday! See a picture of him and Mema here. He was born 83 years ago in China. I saw an application for his birth certificate while I was trying to find something for Mema the other day. If I remember correctly, it said his mom died when she was only 27. I think Pop was about 5 when she died. He certainly has a great attitude for one who lost his mother at such a young age. I know he is ready to meet her in heaven one day soon. He is so ready to go and be with Jesus. What a sweet, dear man. We had fun the other morning saying "whoop!" at my mom who had just walked by with wet towels and said "whoop!" when they started dripping on the carpet. Hehehe. Pop and I had fun with that. Also my dad said something about the car's problem being "not very great just something benign" (as a joke) and Pop replied, "We came out and the car had one problem. Now it's got nine?!" He and my dad were bantering back and forth even threatening to sell me in order to pay for the car repair bill. It was a pleasant time laughing with them. In fact I smiled so much, my face hurt. I haven't had that experience since we were laughing with some of the gang in Syria.

I wish I could smile today, but right now I just can't seem to muster one. Too bad.

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Nocturnal Queen said...

Why can't/couldn't you smile?