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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angela, Chronicles, Michael

Angela has an uncanny knack for reading my mind. Or else God just often uses her to speak to me about things that I struggle with. It's almost unbelievable to think I somehow "accidentally" met her on a blog only six months ago. She has certainly been an encourager to me!

Today's post sounds a lot like me. Taking my cares to the Lord and them picking them back up again as if He has ignored them and I have to handle these problems on my own. I really enjoyed the challenge and encouragement. Check it out.

I have been reading Chronicles the last few days. I've taken note of several verses that have stood out to me. I may blog about some of them soon just to record my thoughts on them.

Here is one thing about Michael that I wanted to write here for my own memory's sake.

Most of the time one thinks if you have a "second" of something, you ought to have a "first" somewhere, right? Welcome to Michael's world where that is not true in the case of cousins. On the way to Virgilina the other day it went something like this in our car consisting of me, Andrew, Michael and my mom.

Me: "You do know Kayla is kin to you as well, right? She is your second cousin because your mom and her mom are cousins."

Michael: "Oh." --- a few seconds pass --- "She is my second cousin. So who is my first cousin?"

Me: "Sorry, you don't have a first cousin."

I could tell he was trying to figure that out in his mind.

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Angela said...

I just finished reading Chronicles about a month ago. I remember when I first started I thought, 'oh, I'm not going to get much out of it'. DAAAA how terrible of me...I can't believe how much I underlined in my Bible...How much I gained, how much my spirit was touched....I LOVE Chronicles..I LOVE LOVE LOVE God's Word...