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Friday, May 22, 2009

Damascus -- Random Shots

This week I have walked several times at dusk. It wouldn't necessarily start off that way, but I think we all know how it's light and then gradually "the sun goes down" and it gets dusky. Anyway, I've noticed three times recently how that time of day reminds me of Damascus. I guess it's because we walked a lot and it was winter so the days were shorter. We tended to walk quite a bit in the evenings. In this post I've included 3 pictures of Damascus at night. These particular shots were taken near the Umayyad mosque. Also this post just has some random shots of various places around Damascus.

Minaret at Umayyad Mosque

Samer at the old wall

Andrew & Susanne at the library

Here with are with the President's
photo in the background. See it under the flags?

Andrew at the fruit stand

A building near the falafel restaurant

A narrow alley near the hostel

I like Damascus at night.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
January/February 2009

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Nocturnal Queen said...

Hey! There's a CRV in that last picture. :-)

That library is beautiful. Do you have any interior shots of it?