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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Damascus -- Scenes from the Gap

In my previous post I shared some scenes from within the gap on the way to St. Takla in Maaloula.

I figured you wanted to see a few more so here I am ready to guide you along the path. Y'all ready for this?

Some areas were a bit narrow although this picture is a bit misleading. It wasn't that narrow. Afterall I fit through there just fine!

Other parts were very broad and you could stray from the path to take pictures

which we did a time or two

The gap wasn't very crowded, but occasionally we'd see a lone child

or a group. Samer said these were Iraqis.

While we were in Maaloua, Samer called a friend who went by their college to check a grade for Samer to see if he passed his final class. "V" for "victory." Samer graduated from college and found out while in the gap!

Abu Muhammad and Andrew decided to go for a climb,

but not all the way up here.

Pictures from Maaloula, Syria
February 2009

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Carmen said...

Those a fabulous pictures. I loved seeing the gap. Pictures like this remind me of God's awesomeness. Literally. The awe inspiring creation He has given us.