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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Damascus -- Walking Along the Wall

Although we didn't meet a great number of other Americans, we did meet several foreigners visiting or temporarily living in Syria for schooling. One day we decided to visit the old wall because there was a path that was free from the great number of cars and pedestrians on most of the roads we'd traveled. On the way there, we saw this group of Chinese tourists

headed towards Bab Sharqi

where one could find buses or taxis along the main road.

This was one vehicle of interest. A flower-delivery truck?

Here is the path along the wall. I found all this charming.

It's fun to imagine who might have walked along these areas centuries ago.

What happens when the government decides to build a new highway in a city as old as Damascus?

You dig up parts of old stuff hidden in the ground, of course! You can see the new road behind us in a couple of these pictures.

We had fun checking out the old stuff. The first day we were there, we saw a group of children talking and playing in an area like this. They may have been having a picnic.

Andrew is explaining rock climbing in West Virginia here. Yep, I still remember what he was talking about when I took this picture.

I hurried out in front so I could take this picture of the guys walking towards me. I think it's rather cute seeing Andrew and Samer walking along like long-time friends.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
January/February 2009

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