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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Damascus -- The Souq & Some Shops

I showed pictures a while back of this souq, but these first three are some Samer sent me several months ago when he was telling me about Damascus. I thought to share them here so you could see how crowded the marketplace could be.

I don't recall it being this crowded when we were there. Can you imagine going here when it's a hot summer day around 100 degrees?

I see Bakdash, the famous ice cream shop, there on the left. We went there twice though I only ate there once. I watched the others eat the second time. Remember pistachios?

I don't recall seeing these exact food vendors though there were several other types around

Outside of the souqs there were shops along the roads. In fact I think one of the main occupations in Syria is shopkeeping! I saw very little manufacturing going on, but lots and lots of shops!

This appears to be a place to buy spices and/or nuts

A colorful store

and a close-up shot of

a detailed door

Perhaps you can tell that Damascus is a rather dusty city

I think this was Samer's favorite store.
He certainly seemed to relish this pose.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 2009

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Joni said...

LOL about Samer in his warrior pose! Was that a giant tea pot?