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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Damascus -- Food, Food, Food!

One thing is for sure. We certainly ate well while we were in Damascus! Fatteh and other assorted menu items aside, for the most part everything was pretty stinkin' tasty! In looking through my pictures and some of Samer's, I noticed yet another theme. You guessed it:

Eating in Restaurants

This is a shot of the wonderful restaurant I told you about recently. It's called Khawali. I thought this picture from the second floor was pretty neat.

This was our first sit-down meal on our first evening in Damascus. We ate at The Damascene House with Samer and Basheer. It was a very pretty place, but I did something really crazy and ordered western food because I wasn't sure I'd like Arabian food. You can see by my expression that all this was new to me. Can I admit something? I hated most of the western food they served and loved most everything new that I tried with the exception of that really vinegary salad. But that's no offense to Syrian cooking. I don't like vinegary foods even in the States! I remember this chicken parmesan had the skin on it and mushrooms were hiding under the cheese. Blech. The baked carrots and potatoes were fine though. And dessert was a plate full of these most amazing clementines. I was chowing down on those babies!

I didn't take any pictures from The Sham Grill, but thankfully Samer took this one of us eating there with his family on the day we met them. Remember we saw them at the mall with the grocery store? Here we are with BareAHHH. Hehehe. The food here was excellent. You see those "freedom fries"? ;-)

This is the day we ate with the Jake family. Samer took these pictures so I thought I'd include them. I really enjoyed the Turkish lamb kebab that I'm eating in this picture.

For dessert they brought a basket of fruit and those doughnut-looking things there on the table. I skipped those and had part of an orange and a banana instead. Like I was still hungry after that delicious meal!

We actually came back to this restaurant with Samer to celebrate his college graduation among other things. This was after we had been at the Crusader castle all day.

Not much left!

Syrians love their hot tea. I drank more hot tea during our twelve-day visit than I will drink in 4 years at home. More surprising is that Andrew drank it as well!! He doesn't drink hot drinks. Not even hot chocolate! So, I was surprised when he drank hot tea over there. More than once!

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
January/February 2009

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Louai said...

You ignored sweet balls and ate fuits !! ????????

Do you know if i have any of them right now i wont have any other meal ,Yummmmmmmmmmm.

Poor Louai !!