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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Life Stuff

Let's see, what have I been doing besides posts on Damascus? I finished a book about an Amish family today. It's the first in a series so now I have to read the next book to see how things turn out. Problem is, I doubt the second book has been published yet so I'll have to wait a bit to see what happens.

Today I read the book of Daniel while walking on my elliptical. I thought it was a longer book, but it was only 12 chapters. I must have mixed it up with Isaiah or Jeremiah which, I believe, are longer.

I went to my sister's house today and went walking with her, Michael and the dog, Bagel. It was a great day outside so we enjoyed the fresh air while getting some exercise. Next I went to the bank and then ALDI in order to stock up on broccoli, carrots and a few others items. I got my tags renewed at the driver's license office. Thankfully there wasn't much of a line so I was in and out quickly. I saw my Lebanese friend, Laure, while I was there. Need coincidence.

Last night we went to visit Sam and Pam at their restaurant. Pam made Andrew a cake for his birthday which was Monday. We met two of their workers, Chad and Khadijah. Khadijah's family is Pakistani. Pam said her family was trying to arrange a marriage for her, but I think Khadijah is a little more western in her thinking about that. She is a non-hijabi Muslim. After we left there, we went by Wal-mart because they had Breyer's ice cream for $2.25! A really great price so we got 3 cartons. :-)

Monday marked 8 years since we bought this house. It's amazing how quickly the time has passed.

I read recently that you save society thirty-some cents for each pack of cigarettes that you smoke. Apparently living longer costs society more than dying young (makes sense.) North Carolina lawmakers passed a no-smoking ban for restaurants and bars. It takes affect next January. That's quite a move for a tobacco state, but I'm glad since I don't like smelling cigarettes.

I think this wraps up my exciting life. Oh, I believe I will meet my goal of getting all my Syrian posts finished by the month's end. I have only a few more to go. Good thing since it's already the last third of May. I bought milk today with a June 2 expiration and was amazed that we were almost in June already.

Off to bed soon!

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Anonymous said...

Isaiah is definitely longer! :-) 66 chapters to be exact. If I'm not mistaken, Isaiah is referred to as the Bible within the Bible because it has 66 chapters (to the Bible's 66 books), in addition to other parallels that run along with the Bible as a whole.

Anyway, I'm still in the middle of several books (I don't know why I have this really bad habit of starting a new book before I finish the first...).

Anyway,...have a nice day!!