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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Damascus -- The Lovely Courtyard

After seeing St. Paul's Chapel, we were on our way to visit St. Ananias Chapel and we walked along this road to find the latter.

It was narrow and charming and we stopped for a quick look at

this collection of religious artifacts

I'm a Christian, but my friends & family don't collect stuff like this. It must be more of a Catholic/Orthodox thing. After leaving this religious room, we moved on down the street and came across this

old Damascene house. The courtyard door was opened so we stepped inside to check it out. It was really lovely. Andrew and I are in the place where the family prayed and entertained guests perhaps.

A few feet away was this lovely fountain surrounded by plants

Now take a look up and see around this courtyard

Lots of windows

and detail

This was out there as well, but I have no idea why these crude-looking benches were chained in this area.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
January 30, 2009


Joni said...

that's a pretty fancy courtyard! So it was just open to the street? I wonder if the original builder was very wealthy? Because it's so detailed. Maybe the benches were chained to keep them from being taken?? Was the furniture sheltered from the rain? Obviously someone has kept very nice.

Nocturnal Queen said...

I love courtyards. I've always wanted a house (old Spanish style) with a courtyard. :-)