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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Damascus -- Meeting the Syrian Susanna

It's been nearly two months since I told you about our outing with the Jakes while we were in Damascus. The restaurant they took us to was probably my favorite! Although we didn't have to wait, the waiting area was pretty enough to visit after our meal. So we went there for a few pictures.

Andrew, Susanne, Ahmad (Jake), Rusha & Mohammed

Here are some of the pretty things we saw.

Again, I am fascinated by all the detail everywhere!

There were a couple young girls playing in this big waiting area. I was startled when I heard my name. Then I realized out of all the people in Damascus, I'd met a Susanna! Wow! Poor girl looks a bit wary of me, eh? She probably never had someone say to her, "Your name is Susanna?! So is mine! Hey, can I get your picture?" :-)

She seemed to warm up to me.

Here is her cute little friend. I remember she was Palestinian. I found it cute how they share that so readily. Susanna said, "Oh here is [insert name I cannot remember because it was too exotic for my American ears.] She's Palestinian. I'm Syrian." Ha, ha. The Jakes are Palestinian as well so they said to [insert same name I cannot remember because it was too exotic for my American ears] , "You're like us! We're Palestinian, too!"

Ceiling pictures ... yes, again. I know you are not surprised at that!

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 2009

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Carmen said...

Susana looked like a sweet little girl. Did I see that picture before? She doesn't looked scared of you at all. :)

I was amazed at all the details and ornate style of everything when I went to Russia. It was fascinating.