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Monday, May 25, 2009

Damascus -- Final Photos

Can you believe it? This is it! Hear that? THIS IS IT! My last few pictures to share from our adventures in Syria! It's about time since this week marks four months since we boarded the plane for this country! I have enjoyed reviewing my pictures and remembering our days there. Now I can go back and reread things when I want to think about the places we saw and people we met. I may still recall some memories and share them from time to time, but this is all of the pictures that I took. Enough already, eh?

So humor me and let me show you my final pictures. Come along now. But let's put on our shoes first. This isn't easy ground to explore in socks.

Most of our adventures included the three of us: Susanne and Andrew, the American tourists, and Samer, our helpful friend who did so very much for us during our visit!

A few times it was the four of us as Abu Muhammad was the driver we hired to take us to Krac des Chevaliers and the mountainous areas of Saydnaya and Maaloula. He was a sweet person. Unfortunately, I can't stay in touch with him because he doesn't speak English, and I don't know Arabic.

I came to Syria and definitely had a great time. When Andrew took this picture, I was thinking of some commercial from waaaaaaay back. Was it an insurance commercial? All State perhaps? I just remember it having some lyric: "like a rock."

So now the stairs are empty .. of Susie and Andrew, at least

What's next on the horizon? What's beyond that hill where my eyes cannot see from this place?

For sure I am looking and wondering that myself. And most definitely this picture captures me during my stay in Syria. Always looking, always curious, always delighted by the many new experiences!

Pictures from Syria
January/February 2009

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