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Friday, May 8, 2009

Damascus -- The Last Night

There was this café in Old Damascus where we would meet friends and drink tea or hot chocolate. It became our most frequent hang-out since it wasn't too far from where we were staying. On our last evening we went there one final time in order to meet Basheer and a couple friends of his who wanted to meet us.

There was a soccer (or football if you are outside the States) match on TV so the place was crowded. We stopped to watch a bit of it and Samer took this picture. I look really engrossed in it, I know. Truth be told, I'd taken an antihistamine and my eyes were starting to glass over due to that drug making me soooooooo out of it. Sleepy Susie!

I hated I was kind of out of it because Basheer's friends were enjoyable guys to talk with. Hassan and Hachen are students in Damascus. Hassan (left) is an English Literature major and he asked us about books and authors we'd never heard of. Oops! Hachen, a med student, was much more quiet. Behind these guys you can see the café worker. He was there each time we visited this place so I guess he got used to us taking pictures. It seems he is laughing there in the background.

I love this picture of Basheer that Samer took! Basheer joined us several times throughout our stay in Damascus. He often showed us around neighborhoods and mosques and met with us in the evenings. He was with us at Amer's house and the day we went to the Four Season's Hotel. We had a very enjoyable time having him with us.

I did this post in red because the café was decorated for Valentine's Day! Quite funny since most conservative Muslims don't celebrate non-religious holidays. Oops, guys! Sorry for making you come to a place decorated for a holiday you don't observe. At least this place didn't serve alcoholic beverages like the ones in the Christian quarters. Here is Andrew leaving. I am back there pushing the chairs in for the final time at this café.

See about our last day here.

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 10, 2009

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