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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Damascus -- Crosses in the Mountains

During our stay in Syria, we mostly saw mosques. Understandable since 80-90% of Syrians are Muslims or some Islamic sect like the Druze or Alawites. However, our day in the mountains took us to a couple cities where we saw more crosses than minarets. Here are crosses in Saydnaya and Maaloula.

Of course on churches

but also high on the hills

and on homes

another church in Saydnaya

St. Georges Monastery

a cross between the power lines in Maaloula

and on a gate at St. Serge Convent

St. Takla in Maaloula

and a view from the balcony at St. Takla

Pictures from Saydnaya and Maaloula, Syria
February 5, 2009

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