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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Damascus -- St. Serge Gift Shop

Now that we've seen some things from St. Serge, how about we check out the gift shop.

Oh, it seems an exciting prospect for me!

and what an interesting ceiling this was .. not as lovely as the ones in the mosques and churches, but charming nevertheless

Georgette was our guide in the chapel area of the convent where we were not allowed to take photos. I did buy a pamphlet with pictures from there. Within the chapel, she said the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic. For some reason that brought tears to my eyes as I thought of Jesus saying these words .. they were HIS words, in HIS language. Sweet. In this picture, Georgette is showing us how an ancient lock worked.

The gift shop had many interesting things such as this map of ancient civilizations in the Middle East

and various decorative items

This door is supposedly 2,000 years old and was made from the cedars of Lebanon which are mentioned in the Bible. Lebanon here meaning the mountains of the modern-day country which has that name.

Pictures from Maaloula, Syria
February 5, 2009

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