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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Damascus -- Takin' It to the Streets!

This is the day we were walking and visited the mosque I wrote about in the previous post. Come go with us and see some sights.

Basheer, Andrew & Samer will be your company

We walked down streets like this. Some shops had hardware parts like mostly bolts at one and mostly keys at another. We joked that this was the Syrian Home Depot. During parts of our walk, I was the only female in sight. I guess Syrian women don't care so much for screws and bolts and keys and locks.

I bought yummy oranges at places like this.

In Damascus, the mountain is never out of sight.
Unless it's foggy, I reckon.

Not sure what caught these guys' eyes, but I thought the picture worth taking just to remember them.

Since the Gaza conflict with Israel had recently ended, we saw numerous banners in support of the resistance and the oppressed Palestinians. You may recall banners in the mall as well.

The guys told us this was the biggest mosque in Damascus. It houses a place for boarders who want to study. I guess it's like a religious college with dormitory areas for out-of-town students.

It's certainly pretty

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 2009

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Angela said...

The mosque is very pretty...Enjoying the pictures. I still can't believe you were there girl..What an experience!!