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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Damascus -- Neighborhood, Park & Hospital

On one of our last days in Damascus, we met Basheer in this neighborhood and walked for a couple of hours.

Pretty plants and tree

This part of the city was a bit more green and modern-looking

Basheer's cousin, Eyad, came to meet us, and he walked with us for a while. He is the one who works at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel and asked a couple of his employees to give us a tour of the main floor when we dropped by one afternoon. Eyad had very little accent. By the way, we asked which nationality was most represented at the Four Seasons and he said mostly they saw Saudis.

We walked in a couple different neighborhoods. Notice these narrow streets

and how steep they are

this one is actually for pedestrians

I really like the views from this place. The nicely-maintained shrubbery and trees

along with the mountainous region above it

We walked through this nearby park where we saw the children having fun

a pretty area

Basheer told us this was the best hospital in Damascus

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 2009

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