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Friday, May 1, 2009

Damascus -- Castle Photo Ops & Bakery

The really funny thing about all these pictures of Samer is that when we first met, he told me that Syrians generally don't take a lot of pictures.

But since I kept seeing photo ops along each path

and under every arch

and every spot that just seemed to say,
"Sit right here and have your picture taken!"

Well, Samer came up against

a picture-takin' American!

(See previous post as to the reason Andrew wasn't in a lot of my photo op pictures.)

Really, how often do you get to visit a place older than your country has even been a nation? So, yeah, I took lots of pictures!

After leaving the castle, we stopped along the way for the tea that Abu Muhammad had brought from the hostel in a thermos. I saw this passing train in the distance.

A quick picture before leaving the place where we had our tea under the trees.

Our next stop was this famous bakery which was on our way back to Damascus

Pictures from Homs, Syria
February 8, 2009


Louai said...

Yummm ,

what have you tried at teh bakery ? hereesa ?

Joni said...

The third picture of Samer looks like a HS senior photo. Like what you'd have done to send out with your graduation announcements. :)