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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Damascus -- Convent of St. Takla

Remember the convent sheltered in the mountain? (see next to last picture) Well, here it is up close! We had to go through the gap to get here.

Convent of St. Takla

a nearby house

Samer, our faithful friend

Susanne & Samer

American and Syrian. Who would have ever thought such very different people would be friends one day? Oh, that would be God! Ha, ha...what a story. I certainly never asked for Middle Easterners to invade my life, but what a wonderful blessing from God to give me such dear friends. I miss them so much!

A view of St. Takla
This place had a really nice cave we were able to visit.

I just loved seeing clothes hanging out to dry!
I am one of the few Americans who does this despite having a perfectly fine dryer.

Pictures from Maaloula, Syria
February 5, 2009

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