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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Damascus -- Cham City Center

The first Sunday we were in Damascus, we were invited to have lunch with Samer's family. We met Samer's mom, twin brother and sister at this mall for a delicious Arabian meal. I wish I'd taken pictures of some of the food .. there was lots!

We ate at Cham City Center

Here is another view of it

It is a pretty mall with many shops

They have a number of banners supporting the Palestinians

Unlike most malls I am familiar with, this one had a place where we spent several minutes after our meal. Here is a clue.

Any guesses?

Pictures from Damascus, Syria
February 1, 2009


Niki said...

Wow. That's a big place.

Joni said...

What a dichotomy - having that ultra modern shopping mall in a city that old and ancient. On the one hand you were staying in part of the old wall that Paul was let down from and on the other hand, there is this NYC style mall with huge tvs! I am guessing that was a grocery store. In my international travels I have always been amazed by how many more products Nestle has for sale.